Thursday, July 30, 2015

Today Yakub Menon was hanged.
But you know he was so lucky that he knew the date of his death n wished to see his daughter n elder brother and he did.
Let's change the angle of this picture.
In 1993...on the day of blast around 350 people, Who became the victims of this, Even they didn't know that they will never come back n couldn't be able to see their family n children again. They had no religion..they were just victims. Even that terrorists were more secular bcoz they were just watching everyone equally.
Media Attention
Our Media : The Four pillar of democracy played their inning so well that they kept a close eye at Yakub 's meal to clothes n the size of his cell and took the interview of his servants even.
But nobody tried to find out the single family of the victims n didn't try to know, what happened with them, Who's only earnings member has lost his life in the bomb blast.
They got the education.
They are getting the two time meal.
They have the roof n clothes.

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